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TP ROLL TROLLS presented by Karen Saleen

In January 2021 Keizer Art Association will be starting a series of online classes at affordable prices. All of the details have yet to be ironed out, but we'll be starting our series with: TP ROLL TROLLS presented by Karen Saleen

As the world has been swirling around us, have you put down your colored pencils or other favorite art medium? Just can’t find that project that will stimulate you to pick them up, again? Well, the Keizer Art Association has just the thing to jumpstart your entry back into the colored pencil art world and get you out of the doldrums as a side benefit. Introducing our first online class guided by Karen Saleen and to get us started we’re going to make TP Roll Trolls! TP Rolls??? Trolls??? Yep, they’re fun to make and guaranteed to lift your spirits. We’ll be taking the lowly TP roll or paper towel roll and turning them into fun creatures that should live under bridges. We’ll discuss cleaning the surface of debris, planning our creatures faces, using colored pencils to enhance the features of our trolls and if time allows, embellish our wonderful TP Roll Trolls. We’ll even talk a little about how doing something completely different and “outside of the box” can lift your spirits and distract your mind from the events swirling around us! Stay tuned, more information to follow as to time allotment, date and class fee.


  • Cardboard tube: TP roll, paper towel roll, other cardboard tube of your choice
  • Erasers, whatever works for you
  • Variety of colored pencils; a good way to use up the non-lightfast pencils that you have stashed away
  • Ruler, if desired
  • Micron pens, if desired
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks, if desired
  • Embellishments: brads or other items (fancy paper clips, found objects, odd earrings) natural finds (feathers, twigs, lichens)

Instructor: Karen Saleen


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